Companies in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, and other industries require special machines and equipment to ensure better chemical handling of different substances, from basic chemicals like chlorine and sulfuric acid to highly complex precursors formed by metabolic reactions. A variety of pump technologies can be found in different processes, starting from the unloading of chemicals to reconditioning, transformation, and storage. A piece of highly useful equipment, chemical injection pump or metering pump, plays a crucial role in fluid handling. Depending on the chemical you are handling, operating temperature, and pressure in the application, the choice of chemical injection pump would vary. If you are looking for chemical injection pumps and systems in Kennesaw, GA, here are 5 things you must look for-

  • Flow Rate– It is extremely important to determine the exact flow rate that is required for the application. The pump should never be oversized; it should be sized so that the maximum expected flow rate is not more than 90% of the pump’s capacity. This allows for enough room for additional capacity if required.
  • Material – Chemical injection pumps come in a variety of materials, such as 316 stainless steel, PVC, Polypropylene and PVDF. When shopping for chemical injection pumps and systems in Kennesaw, GA, make sure you are considering construction materials. If the application involves handling of acids and caustics, you would need stainless-steel pumps or thermoplastics that can handle the fluid corrosive . The effects of erosion must also be taken into account if the chemical takes the form of an abrasive slurry.
  • Viscosity – Chemicals can range from extremely thin to highly viscous. When you need to handle clear liquids with viscosity around 1,500 cps, standard chemical injection pumps might do the job for you. Chemicals with a viscosity higher than 5,000 cps require special liquid ends, and those with a viscosity up to 20,000 cps require special diaphragms.
  • Environment – Determine where the pump will be operating — indoors or outdoors. The pump must be protected from direct sunlight if used outdoors. If to be used indoors in extremely cold environments, get pumps that are capable of handling such temperature, so you can prevent the fluid from getting frozen.
  • Drivers – Depending on the utilities available, you should decide whether drivers should be powered by electricity, water, gas, air, or solar energy. Possible environmental hazards in the operating area must also be taken into consideration as pumps installed in remote locations are difficult to inspect as compared to those in controlled environments.

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