Top Quality Solenoid Control Valves for Gas, Steam, and Fluid Applications

We offer

Integrated Process Solutions (IPS) offers multiple options for specific applications such as steam control valve, combustible gas solenoid valve, and ON/OFF or modulating control of almost any gas or fluid. For steam, we have unique designs in steam solenoids as well as for larger pipes. For larger flows, we provide a unique sliding gate design that offers some of the longest life of an ON/OFF or pneumatic control valve for steam applications. For extreme fluids with a lot of particle content, we use segmented ball valves designed to shut tight against dirt, slurry, and other particles that typically destroy valve seats. For control of most fluids that require a constant flow or pressure, we specify V-port ball valves which have several different angles cut into the ball to provide excellent regulating control in a compact ball valve package.

  • 3,4,5 way Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

  • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Manifolds

  • Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

  • NFPA Cylinders

  • ISO & Metric Cylinders

  • Pneumatic Filters & FRL’s
  • Nickel-plated push connect fittings

  • Push Connect Acetyl & polypropylene fittings
  • Polyurethane, PVDF, silicone, color-coded tubing

IPS | Your #1 Source for Pneumatics

We offer solenoid control valve and parts from some of the most reputable brands in the market including:


Precision regulators, stainless steel filters, air ratio boosters, I/P’s, Valve Positioners


3,4,5 way valves, filters & regulators, inch/metric cylinders, Inch/metric push to connect air fittings.


Customized cylinders to meet your requirements.


NFPA pneumatic and hydraulic heavy duty cylinders. Nitrocarburized rods for long life.


Polyurethane, PVDF, silicone, color coded tubing.

Hydraulics International

Air-driven intensifier pumps and gas boosters.

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Our Top Quality Valves are Some of the Best in the Business

Our pneumatic solenoids, manifolds, FRL’s, and fittings have the best delivery in the industry. Our nickel-plated fittings have often been used to replace expensive stainless steel fittings in both air and liquid applications. Our NFPA cylinder rods are carburized to last longer than chromed rods and are found on some of the toughest applications where corrosion or abrasive service shortens the life of standard cylinders.

Custom Designs Available

If an off the shelf design does not exist, IPS can often get our factory partners to modify existing designs to meet the unique requirements of your application. We can often ship same day or next day to meet your requirements.