Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you specialize in?
We specialize in Automated Valves, Manual Valves, and Solenoid Valves.

What else do you sell?
We have many technologies to meet a wide variety of applications. Apart from valves, we also sell control sensors, centrifugal pumps, pressure switches, transmitters, flowmeters, sanitary pumps, pre-mold DIN cords, multi-pin connectors, and other electrical components.

What designs do you offer in stainless steel valves?
We offer 2, 3, 4, 5-way designs in stainless steel valves.

What certifications do your valves have?
Our valves have UL, CSA, and CE certifications.

Do you also offer custom manifolds?
Yes. Let us know the type and material you are looking for!

The actuator on my automated valve works, but the valve doesn’t turn. Why?
Check the valve stem or actuator coupling. It might be broken.

Do you offer pneumatic or electric actuators?
We offer both.

When I energize the solenoid on my pneumatic actuated valve, the valve doesn’t turn. Why?
It might be because there is no air pressure to the solenoid or it has been jammed. Measure air pressure—at the actuator, not the compressor!

By mistake, I ordered an open pneumatic actuated valve instead of a closed one. What can I do?
Just remove the actuator from the valve. Turn it 90 degrees and remount the actuator.

I don’t know if the valve is in the open or closed position. How do I find out?
Check the valve stem. When the valve is turned off, most ball valves have stem flats at right angles to the flow. On butterfly valves, check the stem flow arrow marking.

Do I have to have the solenoid valve mounted right on the actuator?
No, a remote location is fine. Please sure that the air pressure at the actuator is sufficient to power it.