We were looking for automated valves in stainless steel but couldn’t find great quality until we, fortunately, found IPS. They have the largest selection of automated valves in the market, and all of them are well-made.

Our application needed solenoid valves that come with the special certification of being explosion-proof. We tried looking for them everywhere but with no success. Eventually, I came to know about Integrated Process Solutions. I have stopped looking anywhere else since then.

We had been using solenoid valves in our processes for a long time. But, it was a few months back that they started giving in to the process requirements and stopped doing their job accurately. After talking to some of my peers, we came to know that we need to replace solenoid valves with automated ones. They also told me about IPS. We haven’t encountered any problem since.

 We needed to build a fully-functional pumping system but didn’t have the in-house expertise to do that. We hired IPS for the job and we can’t appreciate them enough for building a pumping system tailored to our exact requirements.

We don’t have in-house machining capabilities so we asked IPS for machining metals for our applications. They have the most advanced equipment and they completed the job before the scheduled time.

Our application had complexities that didn’t allow machining to begin. We were told that we should turn to injection molding and hired IPS to do the job. We haven’t worked with such a professional team before.