cleaned easily and meets FDA and other governing agency approvals. IPS has a large variety of sanitary valves that meet all these requirements. We have sanitary valves, sanitary pumps, sanitary sensors and the best reverse osmosis systems that are required in many of the sanitary applications.

We offer:

Sanitary valves are meant for use in applications that require clean or sterile processing. For a valve to qualify as sanitary, it must not have crevices or cavities that trap media which bacteria feed on and multiplies. The radius must be of a minimum size and the wetted surface needs to be polished to prevent media clinging or entrapment.

IPS | Your #1 Source for Sanitary Valves

The food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary markets require special equipment that is designed to be

  • 3-A Rated flow/pressure/temperature sensors
  • Sanitary Butterfly valves

  • Rated solenoids and fittings
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Pressure transducers

The sanitary ball valves are the most popular configuration we supply and it can be supplied with an optional cavity filled seats, which prevents the media from getting trapped in the seating area. These style valves can also be used in the paint industry where silicone free is a must to prevent fish eyes in the paint when applied.

3-A Approved Sanitary Valves, Pumps, and Sensors

All our sanitary valves, pressure pumps, flow meter, and sensors meet 3A approval required by most food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Also, they are economically priced, and some of the best deliveries in the market.

We can often ship same day or next day to meet your requirements. Call IPS to know more about our offerings!