Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valves

Integrated Process Solutions (IPS) offers top-quality actuated stainless steel ball valves that are manufactured and designed to suit a wide variety of applications, and to handle media including clear liquids and gases, such as water; compressed air and even some of the most aggressive chemicals out there. These valves are the ultimate alternative to solenoid valves for applications where solenoid valves cannot perform up to the mark. The stainless steel design offers the valves even more strength to deliver high performance for a long period. Also, they are much more tolerant of fluid contamination.

From us, you get valves that are dimensionally accurate, easy to install, and durable. They are available for online orders in multiple size options in both normally-closed and normally-open functions. We offer actuated stainless steel ball valves that can be set up for on/off or regulation for applications, which involve handling pressure, flow, or temperature. For such applications, we incorporate the proven V-port design in the ball. The valves can be availed in air-operated (pneumatic) actuators or electric actuators.

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