When it comes to enabling unobstructed fluid flow with minimal pressure drop and flow turbulence, our sanitary ball valves are always up to the task to deliver top performance. They are designed for use in challenging environments to handle viscous liquids or liquids containing solid particles in a variety of industries including food processing, beverage, wine-making, oil-making, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. For versatility, IPS supplies sanitary ball valves for manual or automatic operation with a ball valve actuator. Manually operated valves use handles to mechanically lock the valves in either closed or opened position. Automated sanitary ball valves use virtually maintenance-free pneumatic or electric actuators. Our valves feature a compact and robust design and can be availed in a variety of sizes.

Actuated sanitary ball valves can be delivered as normally=closed valves that are controlled utilizing compressed air from a remote location. However, they can be easily reconfigured to normally-opened. Optional cavity-filled seats are also provided, which prevent the media from getting trapped in the seating area. Apart from sanitary valves, we also offer sanitary pumps, sanitary sensors and special systems, such as Reverse Osmosis that are required in many of these applications.

We can often ship same day or next day to meet your requirements.