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Most applications require a sensor input to the control system to either provide feedback for trend analysis or further automation input for control. IPS has the solution for nearly all types of fluid & gas handling including water, chemicals, high viscosity fluids, food grade liquids, and industrial gases. We offer low cost designs such as paddlewheel & insertion magmeter, followed by full bore magmeters & clamp on ultrasonic, to oval gear flowmeters for higher viscosities. We often provide the flow expertise along with high precision pressure, temperature, and level transmitters. For water analysis and chemical injection systems, we offer pH & Chlorine Controllers and transmitters, conductivity & ORP probes and transmitters, turbidity monitors.

  • Magmeters

  • Insertion Magmeters

  • Paddlewheel Flowmeters

  • Ultrasonic Clamp on Flowmeters

  • High Voicosity Flowmeters

  • Batch Controllers

  • Pressure Transmitters

  • Pressure Switches

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • Level Transmitters

  • Level Switches

  • pH PID Controllers

  • pH Transmitters

  • pH & chlorine probes

IPS | Your Source for Sensors

Flowmeters, batch controllers, pressure regulators, plastic ball, diaphragm, check, butterfly actuated valves.

Full bore magmeters, ultrasonic open channel flow

High quality oval gear meters in aluminum and stainless steel for oils and high viscosities.

Pressure transmitters/switches

pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved 02 transmitters.

Level transmitters, temperature transmitters, chemical seals, gauges