Brass is an alloy, which is a mixture of copper and zinc, and occasionally other metals. Because of its nature as a soft metal, brass is able to resist corrosion very well. Though not as effective as steel solenoid valves, brass solenoid valves are suitable for general working conditions and features quick opening and closing, good compatibility, and high reliability. It is also relatively cheaper than its stainless steel counterparts. It can either be automatic or remotely controlled.

For applications where corrosion is a concern and stainless steel is not an option, brass solenoid valves are a perfect choice. Apart from being corrosion-resistant, brass solenoid valves offered by IPS are designed to absorb and withstand more heat. IPS has multiple options available in brass solenoid valve technology to meet your valve requirements. We offer 2, 3, 4, 5-way designs in brass including all voltages. Designed with straight in and out, female threaded ports, these valves come in normally open or normally closed and in a variety of voltages and sizes. We also offer standard and custom manifolds for most types and materials All our solenoid valves have UL, CSA, CE, and ratings.